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May-June 2022 ISSUE

Now that mid-year is almost here, it’s time to evaluate the progress you’ve made toward your goals for 2022.
We’ve all seen the “Now Hiring” signs in store windows and online ads. It isn’t just your imagination—there’s a definite shortage of talent.
Whether you’re working on a new product, artwork, software images or written copy, if you’ve created something new, you have the right to protect it.
A good night’s sleep is imperative for health and happiness. Transform your work and personal life by using these six steps to help you sleep more soundly.
Slow periods in your business are just part of the entrepreneurial journey. In fact, they can be a good thing: Downtime can provide the opportunity to review revenue goals.
In the past few issues, we’ve taken a room-by-room sweep to declutter various parts of your home. Now it’s time to tackle the kitchen.
With flavors galore to satisfy just about any palate, who doesn’t love ice cream? Here’s your chance to learn more about one of America’s favorite desserts.

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