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Vision & Values Statement

Berndt CPA LLC Vision and Values start with a guiding principle to work together as an integrated team of professionals and provide outstanding outsourced accounting, consulting, payroll and tax services to our clients. Those values are based on four pillars that serve as a guide for everything we do and define our commitment to the following:

  • Placing our Clients First, understanding their businesses, needs and goals and proactively expanding the ways we help them succeed;
  • Delivering, as One Firm, outstanding expertise, service, quality and value every time;
  • Attracting and retaining the best and brightest people, of great personal character, who embrace our Shared Beliefs of integrity, diversity, accomplishment, mutual respect and support, and a commitment to the betterment of our communities, our nation and our profession; and
  • Attracting and retaining the Right Clients utilizing the right solutions provided by the firm.

To help ensure that our Vision and Values are much more than just a poster on the wall, we initiated the Clients First program to bring the Firm's values to life and help every team member live them every day. The primary components of the initiative are Berndt CPA’s 12 Standards of Excellence.

Every monthly staff meeting, with a goal of keeping client service top-of-mind for each Berndt team member, in which one of the 12 Standards is featured, on a rotating basis, and examples of excellent client service, professional tips, firm news and more are shared.

Standards of Excellence:

  1. We each play an important role in serving our clients, our people and our communities.
  2. We commit to deliver extraordinary client service that consistently exceeds expectations.
  3. We actively listen to our clients and each other to identify needs, opportunities and concerns. We follow up to help meet those needs, realize such opportunities and resolve any concerns.
  4. We foster open dialogue by seeking and providing feedback.
  5. We are welcoming and respectful in all our interactions, personalizing our communications by introducing ourselves and addressing others by name.
  6. We handle all communications in a courteous, professional and prompt manner.
  7. Our appearance, work spaces and public areas reflect our commitment to excellence. We keep our appearances appropriate, our work spaces professional and our common areas impeccable.
  8. We work seamlessly together as One Firm, respecting each person’s role and contributions.
  9. We demonstrate our Shared Beliefs of integrity, diversity, accomplishment, mutual respect and support through our words and actions.
  10. We work to continually improve our skills and enhance client service through training, effort and innovation.
  11. We hold each other accountable to these standards.
  12. We represent Berndt CPA at all times.


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