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Break free from the back-office chains...

Mobile Accounting Made Easy with BOSS™

We’ve tested and connected leading cloud-based applications to streamline and simplify accounting tasks. From paying bills to processing reimbursements and accessing current financial statements, you can do it all within our BOSS platform—from the office, from home or anywhere else.

Even better, you’ll work with our expert team to design a customized plan that supports your unique business. As your needs change, we’ll work with you to update your plan and ensure you have the right tools to support your enterprise. 


What comprises mobile accounting?

  • Tallie for Business Transactions—Simply snap a picture of receipts and run reimbursable expenses through Tallie. Expenses are coded and synced with QuickBooks.

  • SwipeClock for Payroll—Easily manage time, cut labor costs and reduce errors with this leading workforce timekeeping tool.

  • for Invoices and More—Manage all invoices and easily approve for payment using You can even customize permission to heighten control and security.

  • Third-party Software—Other leading apps can be integrated with QuickBooks to further streamline workflow and boost efficiency.

  • QuickBooks—QB serves as the heart of the client accounting platform to provide detailed financial statements and dashboards where you can conveniently view all your financial data and get a clear picture of your financial standing at any time.

  • Fathom—Supports detailed KPI reporting, offering benchmarks for performance and keeping you on track for success.


Why BOSS™?


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